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ORLY? [Mar. 10th, 2006|05:11 pm]
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:-O [Mar. 9th, 2006|06:27 pm]
Whats everyone up to?
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2005|09:52 pm]
1. Reply with your name and I will write something random about you.
2. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
3. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
4. I will tell you my first memory of you.
5. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
6. I'll then ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
7. Put this in your journal.
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Random! [Jul. 7th, 2005|01:11 am]

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Beautiful Day [Jun. 29th, 2005|05:40 pm]
[mood |enviousenvious]
[music |Dream Theater - Erotomania]

Hey everyone! I have not updated my LiveJournal in weeks! Well I am back now and can update this thing a lot! Which is cool.. but ill prolly end up getting bored of this and not update anymore which is likely going to happen. Happens to everyone I know.. everyone gets tired of updating this thing... anyways.. School ended a while back and damn I miss everyone already! I have seen a few people from brownsville here at the mall and movies but other than that everyone else I havent even heard of. Well maybe I have t alked online but its just not the same as in person. Im glad theres no more sci tech, no more worrying about school, no more EDD!!! fucking class! lol.

For those of you wondering im going to UTB for a year and get a high gpa so I can just transfer and not worry bout my high school :P cause grades sucked there and UTB is easier than sci tech :-O I should kick ass there! But shit im screwed in math (I had Koets! Alg1, Geometry, Alg2) so in all I dont know jack shit about math! Someone wanna tutor me? :P

Went to see War of the Worlds today, early bird matinee special lol. All I can say is that movie is so badass! I love steven spielberg! his movies always rock no matter what the plot is. King Kong looks cool too, Im looking forward to that next :P

Well leave me a comment guys! Ill talk to you all later! Take care all!
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To Think Its Already Over.... [May. 22nd, 2005|09:43 pm]
[mood |jealousjealous]
[music |System Of A Down - Toxicity]

Three more days as of today and it will all be over. No more waking up in the morning thinking about what im going to do that day at sci tech. No more hour bus rides or morning breakfasts with my friends. No more saying hi to everyone I know. I wish I could stay another year but that would make me look bad. Im not graduating with everyone else, I am going to get my diploma mid summer when I finish my online course which totally blows. Four years at the science academy and I still dont know all the seniors. There are some seniors I want to atleast say hi to before we all vanish. I know a lot of juniors as well.. going to miss you all too.. sophomores also.. ill miss you all.

So another week just went by lightning fast.. saw Episode 3 twice and might watch it again. It was so awesome I loved it. I took my Algebra 2 exam friday and it was easy.. i breezed thorugh it with easy. TOmorrow i got Physics which i failed for sure. Physics sucks.. but shit im going to have to be good in it if I want to be a game designer. So anyway I did nothing this weekend just study my ass off for economics and english :-( plus i had no internet til now which sucked ass.. well its probrably because of no internet i actually studied.

Ok so yeah the year is nearly over.. anyone who reads this give me your contact info.. post it or email it to me please... i want to keep contact with everyone I can! Corderious@gmail.com
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? [May. 3rd, 2005|09:11 pm]
[mood |hornyhorny]

[21:09] crestfallenpanda: ~~Nips her gently in mock fight and licks her cheek~~
[21:09] crestfallenpanda: woos
[21:09] Cord3rious: ??!?!?!?
[21:10] Cord3rious: LMAO
[21:10] crestfallenpanda: umm nevermidnthat
[21:10] Cord3rious: you cybering??
[21:10] crestfallenpanda: no jsut saying hello
[21:10] crestfallenpanda: .......
[21:11] Cord3rious: .....
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|02:49 pm]

Your Birthdate: January 14

With a birthday on the 14th of the month (5 energy) you are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them.

You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas, and you are also very good at organization and systematizing.

You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel.

You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable.

Your mind is quick, clever and analytical.

A restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine, and rebel against it.

You have a tendency to shirk responsibility.

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The End Of High School [Apr. 26th, 2005|09:16 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge]

High School is ending really soon and I can hardly wait. I mean 4 years of sci-tech is not something any person can go through. Everyone thats there and is graduating all have some sort of gift. Everyone that's going to graduate somewhat feels like a family member. In the beginning it was though, people dropping out like paratroopers on planes or something. Junior year i guess was the year where everyone knew for sure who was going to be there until the end. Many people like me, wanted to leave to their home high school to end the suffering of low grades and shit like that. Anyway I am here updating this dang thing that every sci-tech student should have for some odd reason.. I cant see anyone without one of these journals. Well there might be a few but they are prolly going to leave or something.. bah whatever... and if you stop updating you get people saying "wtf if your problem man? update your lj so i could have something to do with my lame ass life" :P.. just kidding about that but hey i respect people out there that like lj.. its cool

I finished my EDD project and presentation monday during fucking challenge day which was a bit boring.. and i had to go through the whole day dressed up for EDD so i totally messed up my shirt which i liked a lot :'-( oh well... our skit was better than some of those lame ass ones. I liked the challenge day from last year better.. i had more fun tehre and most skits were hilarious. so the day went on and damn i got home so tired and shit.. my ass was sore from falling a lot in that skit.. but thats too much info there already.

Hmm lately people have been opening up to me and some peeps i have come to trust so much lately.. even Mr. Chris Blandford... love you man... your the one who drives me to do bizzare things that i would of never been able to accomplish on my own. I know some peeps hate you bro but thats because they are suzz0rz.. I also got a new good friend... Cameron, this guy makes my day sometimes.. makes me feel better.. Abel my good friend.. so blunt and always tells truth.. none of that trying to be nice crap.. he spits everything out to me about me... its cause of him i have made some good choices. Victor AndYourArt.. you been awesome lately.. i can talk to you more than i ever have.. and it started what.. in spanish class? that class rocked! Course the whole gang of friends also.. you know who you are.. love you all.. not like that though....

Well ill see you all laterz! -Alf
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